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This weekend was pretty cold when I went home to see my family.

They decided it would be a great idea to go out into the woods, so I put one of my favorite winter outfits one (for those who like fashion - leggings, ankle boots, long sweater dress, belt, nice thick jacket, scarf and a woolly hat).
Which was nice and warm.

I was enjoying walking through the woods, but soon enough my little brother decided to steal my hat and ran off into the woods! I followed him, shouting and actually kept up reasonably well, but he quickly turned and I ran into him.

I didn't get hurt, but I did bounce back and fall into a great big puddle. So for the rest of the walk home I was soaking wet, which sucks.

Well that was a little story about the weekend, I am just trying out this blog thing, let me know what you think.

(I think it was very boring, but I couldn't be bothered to put more effort in today)

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Posted on 02:44AM on Dec 27th, 2012
it's not boring, in fact it's wonderful to record the moments you had with your little brother!:)
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